How to Maintain your perfect blonde hair!

Blonde hair, don’t care!

but really, a lot of care is needed to maintain your luscious locks..

Not only is everything in the environment trying to work against you, such as water, sun, pollution, by making your hair brassy, but over styling and processing your hair can also be a disaster waiting to happen!

These few tips will assist you in keeping a healthy glow. 


hydration, hydration, hydration!

lets face it, your hair has gone through a lot, the least you can do is give it a little TLC. To help bring a little life back to your hair, we recommend using a good leave in conditioner or hair mask. These treatments are a great way to restore the moisture stripped from your hair during the colouring/bleaching processes. 

Always use protection….

From heat that is! The less heat styling, the better! adding excessive heat to your hair, on top of the chemicals you’ve already used, can really damage and dull the shine. Give your hair a little break from heat styling every now and then, or at least use a heat protectant spray when you do.

Use a gentle toner!

Over time, your once golden locks may turn brassy. To make your desired colour last as long as possible, we recommend you use a decent, gentle toner. Use a toner that is kind on your hair, not drying or too pigmented for your hair. Our toner, Brilliant Silver White, comes in a convenient bottle that allows you to adjust the pigment to perfectly suit your hair, while not damaging it at all!


That’s all from me! these tips will help restore your perfect blonde hair and help keep your hair looking fresh and healthy! 


Rachel 😉



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