Frequently Asked Questions

Can i mix Brilliant Silver White with with my own Shampoo

Yes you can
As a matter of fact many BSW users do it

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Is Brilliant Silver White Hair Toner peroxide and ammonia free? Will it damage bleached hair?

Brilliant Silver White and Brilliant Silver Rose have No peroxide or ammonia in the products, in fact they are on the more natural size and approved by PETA. They will definitely not harm your hair but they will tone and remove all yellow brassiness.
Brilliant Silver White leaves your hair very soft, doesn’t matter if you are going for just toning or heavy purple colour, the rose toner to just tone is fine, but not so soft if you are planning to use it to add a darker pink on your hair, in that case I would recommend using a leave in spray conditioner after using the rose toner.

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I have show dogs. Can I use it to brighten their fur before a show?

Brilliant Silver White was designed for use on human hair but we have sold Brilliant Silver White to people for animal use with amazing results. Users have told us that the product is useful to help remove yellow stains from tails as well as to whiten and brighten the coats before a show.

Brilliant Silver White has successfully been used on all types of animals including dogs and horses and even a cow and a duck!

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Will it turn my hair purple?

If you use too much yes it will! Brilliant Silver White is a concentrated formula. For Blonde and Grey hair, you literally only need a few drops of this concentrate to give you a strong result.

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Is it a metallic formula?

No. Brilliant Silver White is a completely non-metallic formula.

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Does the product contain sulphates?

Brilliant Silver White does not contain any sulphates or metallic compounds

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What will the results be on graying hair?

When Using Brilliant Silver White on graying hair, it will highlight the grey areas of your hair and give them a shimmering, silver tone.

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Does it help remove the brassy tones of dyed hair?

Brilliant Silver White is useful for removing yellow and brassy tones from all hair types. One of the advantages that Brilliant Silver White has over other hair toners is that its effects are fully adjustable by changing the number of drops used.

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Does it come with instructions?

Yes, the product comes with full instructions.

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Do you need to apply this every day after shampooing or is it a one time application?

A) Brilliant Silver White is a temporary toner and as such, is easily removed with 2 or 3 washes ; it is also an ‘instant’ toner and only takes seconds to apply.

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How many uses can I expect from a bottle of Brilliant Silver White?

A) That depends on the starting colour and desired result. From each 15ml bottle, you can expect approximately 175 drops and recommended doses range from 5 – 30 drops.

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